Mrs. Amp, is a character in Academy Misadventures.


Mrs. Amp is one of various teachers in the school. She gets angry very quickly. She tries to keep order in the school, but Kerbi and Miss Robot always manage to disrupt everything.

Relationships with other charactersEdit


Mrs. Amp HATES Kerbi. Kerbi is her least favorite student. Kerbi often causes mischief more than any other student, and he NEVER does his homework. He also breaks her solenoids, pulls the fire alarm, starts lockdowns, and says the rock cycle is stupid, because rocks don't move. The teacher is fed up with kerbi and once got a restraining order against him.

Miss RobotEdit

While Mrs. Amp does not like some teachers, she absolutley hates Miss Robot. When Miss Robot was first revealed, Mrs. Amp liked it. However, after became a thing, Mrs. Amp started to hate Miss Robot. Miss Robot always gets hacked to do bad things. She commonly exhibits behaviors that Kerbi would do. Miss Amp wants to get rid of Miss Robot.


Mrs. Amp does not like either of these students. She says he is not cool, and is overrated, saying people should focus on schoolwork more than their popularity level.


Trivia Edit

She was originally called Mrs. AMP, which stood for Anger Management Problems. However, as time went on, she started to become less about her anger management problems and more about just being the generic old teacher.