A blue happy brick

Happy Bricks
are pieces of candy in Academy Misadventures. Breno is responsible for popularizing Happy Bricks. These happened to be a candy he enjoyed and the teachers were okay with it. Now they are extremely popular. Some teachers have bags of Happy Bricks. Breno has an all blue bag, and is one of the main dealers. 

Happy Bricks get poisonedEdit

Happy Bricks got out of hand when Miss Robot started poisoning all the blue happy bricks in her bag as revenge for how badly her custom flavor was doing. Since people sometimes sell the bricks for completed homework or money, it was hard to trace it to Miss Robot. When Miss Robot admitted, nobody believed her as she poisoned bricks in the bags of other teachers. Since only blue's were poisoned, all blues were taken out of circulation. This caused massive protest, and the school actually believed blue bricks were poisoned by the company. This triggered a lawsuit, and the school officials tested some blues and figured they were not poisoned. Kerbi then comes and confirms Miss Robot poisoned the bricks on video. This made blues come back, and Miss Robot was banned from distributing bricks.


  • Blue: This is easily the most popular flavor in the school. Blue's are sold for higher numbers of money or homework. Many teachers are out of blue bricks.
  • Grape:
  • Cherry:
  • Lemon:
  • Lime:
  • Root Beer: Root Beer Flavored Happy Bricks
  • Paint: These were Bricks that Miss Robot painted orange with actual paint. The least popular flavor. The original name was SUPER DUPER ORANGE, but the kiddies figured out the recipe, and paint is now the common name for this flavor. 


  • They are a parody of Jolly Ranchers. Jolly Ranchers are very popular in the school of the series creator. Like with Happy Bricks, blue is the fan favorite in the school.